• The NUFoundation is Focused

    with what The Natural Environment Provides for Everyone and how IT Naturally IS. We Show Everyone How to Become More Aware of What Already IS Natural, and how The Natural Environment on This World has been rearranged to where the Environment has to be managed & maintained. With all the erosion of The Natural Environment that is constantly taking place, it is very necessary for Each Person on This Planet Earth to do their part for The OverALL Survival of Your Planet Earth Now! We are Focused on The NUTrees & Bees, the Birds & Animals and Everything & Everyone who Supports The ALLNatural Environment Supporting US! Join US and Become a Real Supporter for Your ALLNatural Environment.


    We've got a top notch team!

    Valdis Vitols

    ~ President

    Kelsey Lynne Brown

    ~ Management

    Duane Lee Heppner

    ~ Founder


    We're always available for those that are Sincere.